It’s your choice. Be responsible and store your cannabis in a marijuana lock box.

Protect Children from Accidental Poisoning.

New Responsibilities

State laws are changing regarding marijuana and its accessibility for medicinal or recreational purposes. It’s your freedom to choose. With these new freedoms however, come new responsibilities for adults. Regardless of how you feel about cannabis, no one can argue that the safety of children, in homes that choose to store it, is of serious importance. Whether it be a young child that finds your edibles accidentally, a curious teen searching, or a pet, you need to lock up your cannabis in a marijuana lock box.

Poison Prevention

Statistics don’t lie. Since the state laws were changed in Colorado and Washington, the number of children admitted to ER for poisonings due to ingestion of cannabis edibles has skyrocketed. The amount of drugs or dosage in these edibles is not controlled. A marijuana laced cookie eaten by a toddler could result in any number of symptoms and signs of poisoning - dizziness, sleepiness, difficulty in walking or breathing. That could mean the child doesn't get enough oxygen. Be a responsible parent and safeguard your marijuana in a cannabis lock box.

Ounce of...Prevention

Pill Pod™ was originally developed as a simple and affordable drug lock box - a deterrent to safeguard Rx prescription drugs at home. As marijuana laws have changed, the product now finds a secondary and equally important role in helping safeguard marijuana in homes. If you have cannabis in your home and children around, for their safety, please lock up what you have and safeguard for the ones you love. Pill Pod™ can be used as a simple and affordable marijuana lock box / cannabis lock box.